Monday, November 05, 2007

How to Install Cygwin

Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts:
  • A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality.
  • A collection of tools which provide Linux look and feel.
See more detail
Cygwin official page
English Wiki
Thai Wiki

This page explain how to install Cygwin and faster if you stayed in Thailand.
  1. Download installer from Cygwin!
  2. Double click the Install.exe from above downloaded.

  3. The program will be shown as below and then just click Next.

  4. Choose the download source at first we select installation from Internet

  5. Select the Root Installation folder, which you want to install. For the another check box please used the default setting.

  6. Select Local Package folder which you want to keep package before install

  7. Select the Internet connection, we choose the Direction connection for put mirror URL

  8. Add the the into "User URL" box and click Next

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